In Lickershamn there is much to experience within a short distance. The Guest Port is located centrally in the old fishing village. You can take a swim from the bridge in the port, by the sandy beach or the in the bay close to the port. A short walk away you’ll find Gotlands highest “rauk”, Jungfrun. It is 27 meter over the sea-level and a popular destination for both tourists and inhabitants.


It is the captain’s responsibility that everybody on board gets information about Lickershamns guest harbor.


See the pricelist.

Fish shed

Fish shed

The fish shed is open 09.00 – 19.00 during peak season.

Showers & Toilets

Showers & Toilets

Showers and toilets are open all hours in the service house.


There is a sauna able for booking.

Laundry room

Laundry room

There is a laundry room in the service house. It may be used by guest boats for a fee.  Key is fetched in the fish shed.



Garbage is discarded in the garbage shed, code is received when the fee is paid.

Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

Restaurant and kiosk are located within the port area.

Grocery shop

Grocery shop

A grocery shop is located about 3 km from the port which besides victuals offers petrol, diesel and operates as a distributor for the liquor store.



Bus 61 takes you to Visby/Fårösund.

Toilet tank

Take the opportunity to empty the toilet.


Notification of arrival shall be made at once by the pay machine. The port hosts will show a mooring spot if necessary. The decal that is obtained shall be attached to the boat, easily visible from the quay.


Highest speed allowed in the port is 3 knots. Noise, as high music or other disturbing activity may not occur between 23.00 – 08.00.


Boat length


0-8 m

(0-26 ft)

110 SEK



8-11 m

(26-36 ft)

160 SEK



11-14 m

(36-46 ft)

215 SEK



14-19 m

(46-62 ft)

270 SEK



19-30 m

(62-98 ft)

435 SEK



30> m

(98> ft)

1035 SEK




220 V

55 SEK 


380 V

110 SEK


In the service house, we offer a sauna with room for 6 persons to rent. We recommend combining this with a dip in our refreshing saltwater. The sauna is available every day between 08.00 – 22.00 but please reserve your booking in time to secure your place.

Note! Underaged individuals are not allowed to rent the sauna. The renter is responsible for the facility and that it is cleaned properly.

The sauna is bookable from spring 2020.


Adjacent to the port and the beach is a camper area located for motor homes.
The fee 150 SEK/day which is paid in the pay machine.


Network of sustainable ports

Lickershamn is part of the network FamilyPorts. A network consisting of family-friendly guest ports in the Baltic Sea which invest in environmentally-friendly technology.



Lickershamn is located in Stenkyrka in the north part of Gotland, about 30 km north of Visby. Stenkyrka is a blossoming parish with a grocery shop, restaurants, cottages for rent, a small zoo and football-golf.

In order to increase activities and service for visitors a limited company was formed 2019. The company is developing a homepage which can be seen here once it is ready.